Monday, July 28, 2008

minor problem

Since I didn't get to log in at entrecard yesterday for being busy with errands I decided to do it with a vengeance today. And I did good with one blog but when I switched to my other blog I couldn't open the blogs which were in my drops inbox. I don't know if it is my computer or the website has got some problems. Now I can only do this in the afternoons when my son is taking his nap but the dratted thing won't work. I have to look for other avenues, I am sure there will be another way to get through all these. I don't do this at night because I have my family to take care of. Besides it is an unwritten rule in the house to not use much of our indoor lighting not because we are saving electricity but because we don't like it to be too bright here. And when it is a little dark it is not good for my eyes which by the way is already suffering from being in front of the computer most of my free time. I will go back to bloghopping and entrecard dropping and hope everything is alright now.


Merqury said...

Truly, this is just minor problem. Sometime, Entrecard server from Amazon S3 down or slow. Have no idea, as I face it frequently too.

Luckily, we don't have any rules of lighting here.


poray said...

the lighting rule isn't really something we have to impose but when you are used to dim light the bright light seems offending for some reason..i did get to drop some more a few hours later but i think i have to do more today :)