Wednesday, July 16, 2008

looking for treasures

One of the things hubby likes to do when we go to the beach for walks is to look for shark tooth. He found a few, some big while others were small. He gets excited when he sees one and always passes it on to me to keep. I am sorta the treasurer in the family, lol. Since he likes to collect this so I keep it for him but whenever he hands me shells and sand dollars I seldom keep it. The reason? We have a bag of sand dollars stashed somewhere in the house. And I mean a lot. We got lucky one day and found so many that we stopped collecting for a while. And the shells here aren't really something to droll over. To me who has seen fine shells from the island where my aunt lives, what we have here are merely ordinary stuff. Nothing to be excited about. Forgive me. He even brought home a hermit crab one day much to my dismay. Of course I didn't know then you can keep those for pets. Where I came from those are considered dangerous and off limits. There are a lot of treasures in the beach if you will just care enough to look.

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