Saturday, July 19, 2008

gotta have one

When I got here I had bad acne scars. I had acne because of a lot of reasons I can think of, graveyard shifts at work, not eating healthy, the environment, and stress. It was ugly. I hated to look at myself in the mirror because I knew what I would see. I have tried different creams but some only made the acne worse. When the redness was gone I wanted to get rid of the scar. But I don't know how and I was hesitant if what I get will work on my skin. When I got here and watched a commercial of Proactiv acne cream I thought to myself I will get one because it is said to even get rid of acne scars. And I have a friend who uses this and said it works. But the procrastinator that I am it has been years and I haven't bought any. It is because I don't have acne anymore though I still have the scars but it is not that prominent. I still plan of getting the product though maybe bring one when we go back to PI so I can give it to my brother or whoever needs it.

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