Thursday, July 17, 2008

dinner for hubby

I cooked hubby full dinner tonight and when I saw the expression on his face I am glad I did. Turned out he was starving so when he walked and saw me cooking in the kitchen he knew it was for him. I can tell he was surprised and happy. You see dinner is not a normal thing in our household. Except for bubby who regularly eats dinner, the adults in our house would just grab snacks here and there but seldom eat a full meal in the evenings. I know we sound weird but that is just what we are. I fix hubby's breakfast and lunch with munchies and a fruit which he eats at work and I just eat whenever I feel like eating during the day. I don't know what made today different though. Perhaps I just wanted to impress him. Or maybe subconsciously I knew he will be hungry when he gets home. Whatever the reason, I am glad I made my man happy and full.

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