Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dating game

I have a friend who's marriage to her american husband didn't work. It was a sad story with both parties being scarred and unhappy. After a few months the guy apparently found somebody else and got married. The girl had to move on together with her kids. And moved on they did. She is paying for her own place, she has a good job in a big hospital, she drives her own car and she plans on pursuing nursing so she will have more stability at work and of course higher pay. Not that she is not earning good right now but with kids every parent wants to have more to be able to provide for their kids. It has been a long time since her divorce but it is only now that she agreed to go out on a date. She called me earlier telling me all about it and I can tell she was excited and a bit scared. Who wouldn't be when her life was all about her work and kids. The guy was considerate enough to invite her kids too and it seemed like they had a good time together. She said it has been a long time that she doesn't know how to act or to react. She was badly scarred from her previous relationship that she even thought about not getting married again fearing it might end up like her previous marriage but I told her one unfortunate event in her life shouldn't be a defining factor for her future. She is still young and if she can find somebody who will love her and her girls then she should go for it. I fervently hope she will find a guy who will be man enough to stand up for her and her kids. And I hope they will be happy.

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