Tuesday, July 1, 2008

better signal

When I was still in Leyte the use of cellphone amplifiers is not unheard of. This is because it is hard to get a signal even when one is outside the house. What people did was buy cell phone amplifiers so they don't have to go out and try to catch the elusive cellphone signal so they can use their phone either to call or send a text message. The use of amplifiers is really a big help. Instead of going to town where the signal is a lot better, they can just stay home and enjoy the benefits of using one. These cell phone amplifiers doesn't only work in homes though, it also works in cars. I don't know if you noticed this but when you are driving in the road and you happen to be using your phone your conversation gets cut either temporarily or permanently. With the aid of amplifiers you don't have to worry about that problem. It is a good thing to have in a car because you just don't know when you will need to call somebody while on the road.

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