Tuesday, July 29, 2008

another day

I plan on dropping a lot of entrecards today because I didn't get to do much yesterday. Hopefully my son will let me. I want to get back to those who left me messages and to those who dropped their ec's on my blogs. I was ready to do it last night but the husband wanted to go to bed early because he was tired. But just when I started to doze off my parents called over something I asked them to inquire for me. The inquiries proved to be helpful and we are now considering of doing it. I just hope everything will work out fine. That definitely was good news and I didn't mind staying up for an hour just to talk about it with them.
So anyways, since I didn't get to drop a lot of cards the last two days then I have to do it today and return the favor to the droppers on my blogs. I am loving entrecard! For now I have to take care of my little boy who is up and messing with the phone.

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