Tuesday, July 22, 2008

all about relationships

Getting in a relationship isn't always good. There are arguments and disagreements from time to time as both get to know each other and found some things that aren't really very endearing. I have seen this happen to my female friends in college. We were close and two decided to enter in a relationship which they pretty much hid for quite some time. I was their sounding board, the shock absorber, the listener and the adviser, and the one to always pull them back crashing to the ground whenever I think they needed to be in the real world instead of being in a cloud of bliss and wonder. One has to be realistic for them, the devil's advocate in a manner of speaking. Being outside of the relationship I saw telltale signs of either one of them getting hurt and dumped in the long run. I was called names before, jealous that they were happy and I was not. That they have found the love of their lives and I didn't. But I thought it was just all in jest, you know friends teasing each other though it hurt too. I must admit I envied my friends for opening their hearts to somebody and though they have been hurt at least there were happy moments too. It wasn't all that bad for them. There were happy times too. It was just that I guess they were all immature and idealistic so the relationships didn't work. As for me, I didn't open my self to anybody. I was afraid of rejection and getting hurt. I was cynical about relationships to a point that I thought to myself I will end up alone. But then one man came along and made me rethink about my goals and the future. And he made me realize it was okay to get hurt, to argue, because making up is sweeter and it makes you realize your faults and admit to it. It helps you be a better person. I should know, I married that man. As for my friends, I am sorry if I was a b*tch those times. I admire your guts. Thank you for the lessons.

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