Tuesday, June 24, 2008

save time and money

Have you ever tried cleaning your house half-heartedly? I did. When my stepson lived with us the first time, he brought his cat. I am personally not very happy with it because you know how cats leave their hair anywhere and with a crawling six months old it was almost a disaster what with all the hairs which may have caused to trigger respiratory problems (asthma runs in my family) plus the danger with him trying to follow the cat wherever it went. Anyways before I get sidetracked, so the cat lived with us and it liked to sleep in the couch. Instead of vacuuming the couch though I picked up the hairs one by one. I tell you it took time and of course patience. Hubby said I am too lazy to use the vacuum but I countered I was just trying to save electricity and at the same time made everybody feel guilty. Now if I had one of the Dirt Devil hand vac then I wouldn't have to worry about using too much electricity since it has a high-efficiency charging system to save me time and money. Too efficient in fact that it is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved. For those who doesn't know, energy star is a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy to help people save money and protect the environment through efficient products and practices. So if you are big into saving money while saving the environment this is for you. I personally like the hand vac. This is good for thorough cleaning to keep the house clean for my boy.

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