Sunday, June 1, 2008


Because of my boy getting sick this weekend I don't have the energy to go anywhere to do anything at all. We just want to stay at home and hope that he will continue to get better. He has shown progress but we still keep a close eye on him to make sure everything is well. He is asleep most of the time trying to recover his strength. I called my parents last night to tell them their grandson is fine and for them not to worry. They told me to keep an eye on him because he apparently is like me when I was kid. They said I used to give them frights when I had seizures. Lucky for them they had my grandparents and relatives to run to. Now I understand why mamsy said it is not easy being a parent. It hurts when your kid gets sick. Gratefully we are almost over that now. Thanks to my husband and to the people who helped us I am almost back to my normal self.

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