Wednesday, June 25, 2008

quality time

Walking has been a part of my family's routine. With a son and a husband who have boundless energies this is a good thing to do. My boys are alike in a way that they both get restless when coped up inside the house. So we spend an hour or two in the beach every evening if the weather permits it. There we walk, talk, laugh. We sometimes run just to get a reaction from bubby. For some reason seeing me run makes him giggle. It makes me wonder sometimes if I really look funny while running. We let bubby play in the water, dig in the sand, sometimes annoy other kids by getting their toys and trying to run away with it. Of course we give it back with an accompanying apology which the parents accepted given that kids are, well, just kids. I like the days we spend on the beach especially in the evenings. I don't like to go during the day because it is way too hot. We hope to be able to keep on going to the beach every chance we get for exercise and to spend quality time together.

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