Monday, June 16, 2008

practice, practice

I got to drive this weekend for almost an hour on our way to the beach. It was fun and scary at the same time. I tried so hard to be careful but still hubby found flaws on the way I drive. I don't blame him. I drove below the speed limit that he said wasn't good since we might get run over if traffic was bad. So I kept up being careful not to drive too fast. He said I did a good job after a while and just when I got the hang of it my son started throwing up in the backseat. He was motion sick with the way I drive I suppose. We had to stop and let him get some air and when he was fine hubby sat on the wheel and drove the remaining few miles to our destination. It was really fun driving when traffic was scarce. Most of the time there was nobody behind or in front of me. Maybe we will try it again but I have to make sure to do it right so my son won't complain. Hubby said it might have something to do with the way I move the stirring wheel. Gotta work on that next time to make sure my boy is comfortable.


Lerlyn said...

hi dai..hinay2x lang drive =)

i tagged you.. "Momhood Moment"

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Tingting Rimart said...

Oh, I envy you. I do not know how to drive yet. ..and I am here in the US for almost 10 months now. hu hu hu!

Observer'sEyes said...

hello dear, hope you would get comfortable with your driving soon, and get a licence. you must be lucky, your husband teaches you. Mine did once, and we ended up arguing because our partnership is he's the practical side, i'm the theory bit, and you know how it goes, so now he drives his car, I drive mine. Got consolation though, he get to pay for my petrol each time. hehehehe.