Friday, June 27, 2008

coconut sprout?

Hubby is watching this show on television right now and I glanced at the screen and was surprised at what the host was eating, coconut sprouts. Not the sprout that grows outside but the thing that grows inside. We call it "butbot" in Bisaya. My cousins and I used to eat loads of it during coconut harvests because we love it. When I saw somebody eating it on tv I remember the days and I excitedly told hubby about it. I don't know if you have ever tried this before but I am telling you now it is good stuff. Not too sweet, juicy, and the small ones are rather crunchy. I wonder how that person knew about that treasure inside the coconut? Lol. I asked hubby what channel it was and what was the title but he said he doesn't know. He is watching another channel right now. Getting impatient because he wants us to go to bed. Well, gotta go now. See you all tomorrow.

I wish I could find a picture to show here. I actually found one but I can't contact the uploader of the picture to ask for permission. I don't want to use somebody elses work.

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