Saturday, June 21, 2008

chinese food fix

When I asked hubby to bring me to the Chinese restaurant for my buffet fix I was surprised that the to-go box price has increased. It used to be only seven dollars and a few cents but now it is already nine dollars but then with a bigger box. I am known to cramp every kind of food on my box but hubby was surprised when there was only the usual variety of food I put in there today. I put more of the l0-mien but still there was room, lol. I could have put dessert in my box and still get more room but I can't get too much food when I don't eat it. He joked that next time I should just ask for a smaller box but I don't think they have anything small. They may have figured out that whether small or big boxes people tend to just get whatever they want. Better charge more. This is just my perception though. Anyways, I gotta go eat my food before it gets cold.

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