Sunday, June 8, 2008

busy, busy weekend

This weekend hubby made sure to clean the outside walls then mowed the yard and then tend to the garden so we will have next weekend to spend in Myrtle Beach. We were supposed to go today but decided against it. It is better to clean all the mess here so we don't have to worry about it when we get back from our weekend of relaxation. He is doing good and I helped a little. I would have wanted to help more outside but the heat is killing me. I guess will never get over this complaining about the weather. Before long I will have to buy me an umbrella to use when I go out in the yard like most filipinos do back in PI. People will surely make fun of me but I can take that. Anyways, I have got to go help hubby tie the tomato plants before he starts yelling for me. The darn squirrels ate one of the green tomatoes earlier. Hays, if I only know to get rid of this offending animals. But then I would hate to see them hurt. Guess we all just have to share. Rather, we hope to have leftovers.

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