Sunday, June 29, 2008

bombed the house for bugs

We noticed that there have been a lot of bugs inside our home and some even leave marks as bites in mine and bubby's legs. Now my husband hated seeing his son's legs with red dots so he decided to bomb the house to get rid of any and all bugs that may have been lurking here. I helped make sure that everything that needs to be covered was covered and set up the newspapers for the bombs. We then went to the beach to spend a few hours while letting the bombs do their magic. Sure enough a few hours later there were a lot of bugs lying dead on the carpet. I had to vacuum whatever was left (hubby picked up the big ones) to make sure everything was clean. That was after staying a long time in the car because hubby had to air the house up. The result was worth it though. He promised he will do this every month if he has to just to get rid of the pests. I feel better now. I hope the bombs got rid of all bugs.

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michaelwood59 said...

sad to hear you got the bugs. good to hear you got rid of them though. bravo to your husband.