Monday, May 26, 2008

time for some grilling

It is Memorial Day today and as expected everybody is on the road. I wanted to go to the beach and walk and maybe let bubby play for a while but boy the traffic was so bad. It was a few miles to the beach and yet the traffic wasn't moving at all. So hubby decided to turn around and we went to the store for some groceries and went home. Since hubby had pork ribs thawing in the fridge he asked if I can boil the meat so he can grill it when done. He went ahead and worked on the convertible some more so I offered to do the grilling. I even joked since it was easy (I thought) I can probably have a barbecue place when we go back to Leyte for good. After a few minutes though I changed my mind. It was so hot and I had to keep an eye on the meat consequently rubbing sauce on it to prevent it from burning while the sun is beating down on me. I should have asked hubby to transfer the grill on the shade but then he was busy. I finished the job though and it smells so good. Of course I won't eat the barbecue with them (I already had a to go food from the chinese place we frequent) but I am happy I got to help even how little. Next time though I will leave the grilling to hubby and just watch in the sideline.

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