Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tax rebate

You may think this post is a little late when you look at the title but, no, this isn't about the when, where, and how of tax rebate. I made this post because hubby told me to check our account if the tax rebate is already in there since his daughter called him and misinformed him that it should have been in last Friday. She said that a friend of hers told her about it. I asked hubby though if that friend already has her rebate and he said he doesn't know. So I told him not to listen to hearsays. He laughed, of course. He knows the next schedule of drop offs. And he knows better than to listen to gossip. I guess like any other tax filers, he is excited to know how much we will get. We are supposed to get the maximum amount for a family filing jointly with a kid under 17 but who really knows? There have been a few revisions on the tax rebate so we never really know unless we get it. We should know this friday. We just have to wait.

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