Friday, May 2, 2008


Hubby is bad sick. I thought he may get a little better today since he was able to rest yesterday but I am wrong. He didn't go to work, I had to call because he is weak and is lying in the couch. He only got up to eat a little. I told him to go to the hospital but he wouldn't budge. Thankfully he doesn't have fever. I am afraid though that his cough will get worse. I wish he isn't so stubborn and would just go to the hospital. I hate it when he gets sick. He is afraid now that me or bubby will get what he has. I sure hope not. I wouldn't know what to do if I get sick now with him not even better yet. I told him we might just stay home for the weekend and for him to rest. We had plans of going to the mall for mother's day and then the flea market and the filipino store. I'd rather he get better first before doing any of these things.

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