Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have plans of going to the mall today if hubby will agree to drive me there. I want to go shopping (more like window shop actually) at Victoria's Secret for some lingerie and stuff. I won't tell hubby I am not sure to buy any though because that will surely change his mind not to bring me to the store. He said it is useless to go to a store when I don't plan to buy a thing. He has a point there but I already told him I can't buy anything I am not likely to wear. I still have to make him accept my way of thinking when it comes to shopping, lol. Anyways, he is working on a friend's car right now and won't be home until later so I will not know if he will say yes to my request. If not then nothing to worry since there is plenty of time. As long as he brings me somewhere, maybe to the beach so bubby and I can get out of the house for a while.

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