Wednesday, May 28, 2008

plans and more plans

I told my husband last night that I am feeling blue and I need to spend some energy doing something out of the norm. That means shopping, lol. Shopping is not normal to me. I am the world's stingiest person if there ever is a term. I hate to spend money when I know that I still have clothes that I haven't even worn yet. But I want to break the norm I said so I made hubby promise to bring me to the mall this weekend so I can do some shopping. It will be more window shopping than actual buying but that is fine. I hope he will keep his word. I told him he and Joey can spend the day together however they want while I am spending his dollars :) He probably would tag along and follow me around but as long as he give me time to just run around the stores I will be fine with it. He can shop too if he wants. I am feeling the boredom of just staying home with my boy. We need to go out more even just to the bookstore. Hubby said he understands and promised we will do whatever I want. Hopefully. It is taking him longer to fix the convertible in the garage because of other things he has to do but when it is done he said we will continue to practice driving. My permit is about to expire so we have to do something with it. Either practice more so I can get my license before the expiration or extend it. Wish I I will get my license this year so bubby and I won't be tied to the house while hubby is at work.


lira said... lang diay to ba. akoa kay atik kaau kay wa nanagad kay papalit ra diay sapatos...hahaha..artista jud ba.

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