Friday, May 2, 2008

lola's recipe

My grandmother who I call Lola is a very good cook. She can whip up dishes from scratch in a matter of minutes. She can cook ramen noodles and make it taste like it isn't instant. Everybody who knows her admire her cooking abilities. We love it when there are birthdays because we know she will cook something up for the whole family and it will be so good. Sadly though, she is now almost ninety. She still cooked when I left Leyte and Mamsy said she still does now only somebody has to help her. I can understand that. She is old afterall. She taught me how to cook and I try so hard to emulate her but then it is hard to copy the original especially if the student is a little lazy and lacks imagination, lol. But there are food recipes she taught me that I can cook. And here is one example. I am sorry I didn't ask her the name of the recipe, I just remember this by heart from the time I wander into her kitchen from years past. There is no exact measurement of ingredients since everything depends on the availability and mostly instinct prevails.

green peas (i use the peas u can buy in cans in PI since i think this tastes better)
red bell pepper
onion (optional)
carrots (optional)
soy sauce (of course)
How to:
Saute garlic (and onion) in a pan. Add in pork and a little soy sauce. Cook in medium flame for a few minutes making sure that the meat will not burn. Add in the bell pepper, potato, carrots, and peas. Add water if necessary about half a cup. Boil until tender.
This is my first attempt on posting a recipe (which was prompted when i cooked this particular one yesterday) and forgive me for any blunder I might have made.

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