Saturday, May 10, 2008


I made bubby sleep without his shirt on because it got so hot here today. Our AC stopped working and with the temperature up to the 80's outside you can just imagine the heat inside. I was fine with it though. Afterall I grew up in a house in the tropics without AC nor fan. But my boys are used to the cool air that they thought differently. So after hubby fixed his daughter's car he asked her husband if he can fix our AC. Nice enough trade in huh? He helped of course and after a few minutes it worked. Bubby was asleep when they fixed it and I guess he felt the cold that when I checked on him he was wrapped up in his blankie. Now I am really feeling the cold. Hubby forbade me to say the word but I can't help it. I told him I may have to go back to wearing socks again right in the middle of spring, lol. As long as my boys are happy I am too.

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