Saturday, May 3, 2008

filipino store

I did my monthly grocery shopping at the filipino store this morning and amazingly, I didn't spend much. Even hubby couldn't believe it. Lol. It only goes to show how I am when it comes to food. Well, since I had cash in my wallet I didn't ask him any before I went to the store. I didn't really feel like buying much. Could it have something to do with spending my stash? Not really. I am the kind of shopper who relies on what I crave and will get tons of whatever the craving is for at the moment. I looked at everything and decided to just get 1 pack each of pork tocino, pansit bihon, pancit canton, and fish cracker; 2 packs of toasted bread filipino style (of course), and 4 cans of buko juice that I ended up paying way less than the usual purchases. Even the owner asked if I wouldn't get any instant noodles. Nope, not today. When I told hubby how much I paid he was so surprised that he thought I was just pulling his leg. I wasn't. He asked why I didn't spend at least fifty, meaning, get whatever is needed and more so we don't have to go back there next weekend. I don't blame him reacting that way. I am bad when I crave for filipino dishes that I make him drive me to different store just to look for a particular brand of ramen noodles. I am spoiled! But I am sure we will not go there next weekend though. I may have to try other food that I can get from the fridge and the freezer. I realized, no sense in spending much when there is food at home.


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