Monday, May 19, 2008

clean up day

Started early and thankfully finished cleaning early. Today is clean up day for me. Time to clean the mess accumulated through the weekend. The kitchen floor was grimy and I had to get down on my knees to wipe it up and make sure I didn't miss a thing so when my boy wakes up he can rolly-polly in there without me worrying about germs and such. Also vacuumed the carpet and made sure that the furniture are squeaky clean. I accomplished all that and taking care of my boy's morning routine before 9am. Applause! Lol. Whenever I decide to do anything I really like to start early that way I will still have plenty of time left to myself to do whatever I please. Or whenever my boy permits it. Now I can do some cooking for my lunch and a little time for my boy before he takes his usual nap. And maybe I will get lucky and tasks will come pouring in. I am in the mood to grab some unlike the past few days.

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