Monday, May 12, 2008

celebrating mother's day

We had a pretty good day yesterday. Hubby decided to stop whatever he was doing and treated me out to dinner. But not before going to the store so he could buy his son his high school ring. My stepson is graduating high school this June and this is I guess hubby's gift to him. I don't know though. There could be more or perhaps none. We will just wait and see, lol. Anyways, so we went to the store to order his ring and were supposed to go to Applebee's because that was where hubby wanted to have dinner but it stormed so I asked if we can just go to a buffet. There is a chinese buffet in the mall near us so that's where we went instead. I have always liked chinese food and I like buffet so there. Hubby was hesitant because he is the type who likes to sit down in a restaurant and be served. Even if it means he has to pay more. I am the opposite. I am the cheap kind, lol. But since it is my day (which i used shamefully to get what i wanted) he agreed. We had a pretty good time. We ate all we can that we were all stuffed. Even bubby had his share. I gave him two slices of orange which he ate with gusto. And then a few french fries and of course a few sips of sweet tea. We then went home and his daughter visited and the four of us ended talking after I put bubby to bed. It was a nice family day for us all. Relaxed and enjoyable.

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