Monday, April 7, 2008


Hubby's younger sister and her husband finally made it to the south to visit us. They only stayed for a day and two nights but it was worth it. The reason they didn't come a week ago was because my sister-in-law was sick and they had to wait until she got better to come down. They spent a few days just driving and spending leisure time and got here on Friday evening. They came to get the car for one of the kids up in Indiana. I spent time with my sister-in-law while hubby had to deal with some finishing touches with the car making sure everything was fine for the long drive back. It was fun to be with her. We talked just about everything and we went out to eat even if I was hesitant to give directions. I must admit I don't really pay much attention when hubby is driving so I don't know which road to take to go somewhere. I mean I can do it but it wouldn't be safe because when you are on the road you can't stall or you will get hit. Good thing the breakfast place I wanted to go to was near and easy enough to navigate. She spent a lot of time playing with bubby and he loves it. We thought of letting her cut bubby's hair but there was no time. We had a lot of things to do. She said they will come back again though. And I told hubby we have to go visit his mom because I am sure she would want to see bubby. She has seen him only once eversince he was born.
We all had a pretty weekend even if we just stayed at home. I love it when hubby's family visits us. I know he is happy seeing them and I am too.

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