Tuesday, April 29, 2008

reverse phone lookup service

Running to the phone when it rings even if my hands are full and then later realizing it was not even an important call makes me angry. Wouldn't you? I have told telemarketers several times I wasn't interested with whatever they are offering but they keep on bugging me. The same numbers, everyday. That is why when I read that I can actually have our phone number be listed on National No Call Registry to stop unwanted calls, I feel relief. This is actually a good chance to be able to get rid of those unimportant calls. And with a chance to even use Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to know who called and where it was from is awesome. We have used this feature several times when we get unidentified calls from time to time and it really works wonders. We knew just by looking at the numbers and the information provided if it was a personal or business call. This is a nice site if you want to know who called you and for what.

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