Tuesday, April 15, 2008

noodle rings and chicken

This is what bubby is having for dinner. I try to spoon-feed it to him but he doesn't like the idea so here I am making this entry while keeping an eye on him eating his dinner. There are times when he wants to eat his food by himself even if it means using his bare hands since he doesn't know how to use the spoon yet. As with other food I gave him, I tried it before I give it to him. It may sound crazy to some but that is what I do. Only with the kid's food that he hasn't tried though. And I tell you, most of the food I don't like he doesn't eat. I don't tell him anything just put the food in his tray and he will just play with it. I told hubby his son has got filipino taste, lol. Gotta go clean him up. Until next entry.