Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am trying to update all my blogs before I go to bed early. It is past nine here and I only have about thirty minutes before bedtime so I have to be fast. And I promised hubby I won't be long in here. He is already in bed because he is sick and he needs his rest after a long day at work. You might be wondering what the connection to the title is to hubby being in bed. Let me tell you. Since hubby is sick with the flu he is sneezing sometimes snorting even in bed. And my boy is in his bed too just a few meters away from ours. He is still up and trying to go to sleep. Now, with the television off he can hear everything. When dada sneezes, he does too. He snorts after him, he even mimics dada's snore and laughs about it. He is a silly boy. I can hear him now even if I am in the living room. He is so tickled with what he is doing. My boys are silly sometimes. They are actually alike in so many ways that hubby would look at his son and say little me to him. They are both a handful and being with them I have to be on my toes all the time. I love it though. And I love them even if they make me go crazy sometimes. They are my life.

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