Tuesday, April 1, 2008


These are the goodies that I waited and waited yesterday to a point that I put off taking a shower in order not to risk missing the delivery man. Turned out the box that I have been waiting for the whole day was already on our front door under the doormat. What time it was delivered no one knows. I don't know what got into the UPS guy to do that. Didn't even buzz or knock. Just left my package lying outside in danger of being ravaged by the neighbor's dogs. If not for my stepson coming home early from school I wouldn't know the goodies were outside. I am a happy filipina now. Look at the dried fish I have. I wanted to fry some but we will have visitors in a few day and I don't really want to stink the house up so I will wait. At least I already have the dried fish. I can cook anytime once I don't have to worry about other people complaining about the stinky smell.

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