Thursday, April 10, 2008

bronzing baby shoes

I am a first time mother and though it is embarrassing to admit, I don't have a baby book for my son. So I am looking for ways to make it up to him. The other day when I was cleaning the closet I found his first baby shoes. I just looked at it and thought to myself, boy, my baby sure grows up real fast. I remember him not liking his shoes because he'd rather be barefoot. But I had to make him keep it on his feet when he started using his walker outside. When I read about bronzing baby shoes as a way of keeping memories of my baby's childhood alive, I warmed up to the idea. I like it. He may not have a baby book but he will have something to keep when he gets older. And it is really visible too and can be displayed.There are different ways of bronzing baby shoes. It can be done as a walnut-finished bookends, as acrylic or walnut-finished portrait stand or it can be unmounted. However way you like it. And what is really good is I can have a discount for it for $5 off my order by writing this code 48FA03-$5.00 OFF above the date on the order form. And you are in luck since by reading this blog entry you can use this too by writing it on the order form, just above the date. Grab the chance now and let us all have our babies' shoes bronzed. I will always have fond memories of my bubby's first shoes and I sure would like to keep it where I can see it all the time. Won't you?

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