Tuesday, April 29, 2008

blinds for the carport

We went to Lowes the other day to get some plastic doorknobs to keep bubby from opening doors. While we were there hubby decided to buy plastic blinds for the carport for privacy he said. That way he can do whatever he wants without the neighbors looking in. He is now into fixing his son's car. Anyways, when he saw the brown plastic blinds at the store which was supposed to be on sale for just (gasp) five dollars a piece, he grabbed four. Of course he didn't even look at the price because he was more concerned with the size. When the cashier scanned the items though it turned out to be more than twenty dollars per item. I told hubby that it was supposed to be on sale and he decided to ask about it. The cashier told him that no it wasn't the same item that was on sale. It was the white ones. She even showed him the item number which was different from the number from the ones we got. Hubby was fine with it. I was just disappointed though because it was clearly misleading to customers. She said that somebody put the wrong tags on the wrong product and they just left it at that. Didn't even try to make amends. I mean, it was their fault. I guess if it was somebody else who likes to make an issue of everything they would have done some damage control. Good thing hubby was in a good mood, lol. Well, at least our carport looks nice now and a little presentable.

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