Wednesday, March 19, 2008

weekend getaway

Hubby and I talked about going to Myrtle Beach this weekend. We haven't been anywhere for months because we got caught up with things that should be done and thankfully did. So off to the beach we go. He suggested the place. He is in love with the place still even after years of leaving it. He actually wants us to live there but it isn't feasible right now so we just have to contend ourselves with spending the weekends there as much as we can. I told him earlier as long as we will go on a buffet it is fine with me. I thrive on food. Who doesn't? I have started to list down the important things we need to bring with us to make our trip stress-free. Number one on the list is bubby's playpen. We can't bring his crib so he will have to sleep on the playpen instead of on the floor which as we found out wasn't a very wise idea. Also his food and formula. And of course my laptop so I can still hopefully snag a few opps if I am lucky enough. If not, it is fine with me. I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my boys. And lots of food. Let's hope the weather will cooperate.

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