Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Goodness, has it really been this long that I haven't updated this baby? I thought this was up to date. Well, here I am. I don't really know what to write in here. I am just typing away what comes to my mind. I made this blog originally to chronicle my life (naks!) but then I thought my life isn't really that exciting and I already did some posts on my other blogs about me, my family and the goings on around me. So that leaves me no options. I am still thinking of what to do with this one.
By the way, hubby already knew that I bought a domain for this baby. He checked my credit card bill and he saw the evidence. I didn't tell him when I was planning of the purchase because he might say no and I will end up not buying. I was on a point where if anybody said no I know I wouldn't have done it though inside I felt like doing it. Lipong! I went ahead and bought the domain and hubby learned about it just a few days ago. He asked what I purchased from Google and I said a domain and he asked for what? I explained it was for one of my blogs and he said okay and that was that. He sometimes thinks that I am addicted to the computer because he claimed he always sees me on it. I am glad he didn't have any violent reaction :)
The problem now is I don't know what to do with this. After my main blog was ripped of its page rank a few days ago I realized I could have waited and bought a domain for it. I wasn't thinking ahead. Now I have two domains and a few free-hosted blogs that I have to update from time to time. Can you imagine the pressure? Hay life, makabuang!


Lerlyn said...

maayo pa ka dai nakatilaw ug PR..hehe ako man gani na isa lang akong blog dugay na, own domain pa jud..pero bisag PR1 nalang unta wala jud..kay ngano? wala man gud pulos akong mga post hehe!

poray said...

na giswerte lng dai..ambot btaw giunsa na nila pgkwenta na wla mn pud pulos ako mga posts oi..puro lng I ug me ug you lol...