Thursday, March 13, 2008

sleepless night

What a terrible night! I didn't sleep good. I don't know what was wrong. My eyes can barely open, the bed was soft and warm and yet my mind refuse to settle down for the night. Am I going crazy? I stayed in the couch because I didn't want to wake hubby with my tossing and turning. I have been in the couch for an hour I think when hubby got up because I wasn't in bed. He said he was afraid when he woke up and I was not in bed. He asked what was wrong. He was worried but I couldn't tell him something I didn't know. Hay buhay! I slept around three in the morning and had to wake up to fix his lunch. I am now so sleepy but I refuse to sleep because I want to be able to sleep sound later tonight. I am afraid if I sleep during the day I can't sleep tonight again. Will just make myself busy today but not to a point where I will get exhausted. Hay buhay parang life!

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