Monday, March 10, 2008

seafood galore

I had seafoods for lunch today- fried shrimp, squid adobo and my all-time favorite, shrimp paste cooked with lots of tomatoes and eggs. Yummy! I am so stuffed I can barely breath. Yeah, I do get carried away when I eat good food. And I wonder why I am gaining weight, lol. I have had the fried shrimp since Friday and I kept it in a keeper in the fridge since we basically eat out all the time last weekend. We wanted to taste something new. Good thing I had the food ready to eat since I was pretty busy this morning cleaning up the weekend mess. I just got the time to eat and update this baby. I still have to do a lot of things too while bubby is taking a nap. When he gets up everything has to be put on hold for tomorrow because he really requires a lot of attention right now. I mean, I have to watch him because he does things that may cause him to hurt himself. Tingali ma-award ko ni dada.
Have to go for now. You all have a nice Monday!

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