Sunday, March 30, 2008

lucky day

I got lucky today. I was able to grab a money making deal without me even expecting it. Just when I ordere my boys to go to the backyard to play while I clean the carpet because I have all that I can take of the dirt and grime. When I opened my messenger and checked my fave sites there goes a lot of opportunities. I am happy. I was able to buzz two of my friends too. Isn't it nice? I hope they get some so I won't be the only lucky person this afternoon. This has been a pretty day for us despite the cold. Pretty in a sense that I get to spend time with hubby coped up in the living room. I know I sounded selfish but hey I seldom get to spend lazy time with him anymore. He loves to stay outdoors and mess with whatever he can outside. Not only did I had him for the day, I also get to make money. Lucky, eh?

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