Friday, March 14, 2008

i did it!

I finally snagged an opps for this baby. It took me quite a while and I didn't get much for a pay out but I am still happy. I have been waiting to get one for this blog ever since this was accepted but didn't have much luck until today. I have always been slow grabbing good deals :) Has something to do with chores and taking care of an active toddler. I am happy that today I have one though. Truly, if something is meant for you, it will lie in wait until you have the time to do it. So my advice (if you will take it) is wait and be patient.


Lut said...

hurry......I'm glad, you got some. It's all greys in my part "hahahha". enjoy blogging.

poray said...

that is why i am glad because for the first time i was able to get one for this blog..most of the available opps were for my older blogs..lisod manakop!