Sunday, February 3, 2008

remembering the days :)

I feel like posting some old pictures in here. These were taken when I was in college. The happy days where my only responsibility was passing the subjects that I took and budgeting my allowance :) Pity I left most of my pics in Leyte. But these will do for now.

This was in Baguio with my best buddies jen,van and may (minus yub)
In Basey, Samar (luwak ra gud tuho sa San Juanico Br lol)

Yub and I weren't talking when this was taken. I made the mistake of forgetting my promise to go to church with her on her birthday.

I still remember the happy days I had with my college buddies. It wasn't smooth and rosy all the time but we made it and we now are living the lives we chose. I lost contact of most of them but I still wish them well and hope that when we go back to PI for our vacation, I will get to see them and talk to them just like old times.

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