Saturday, February 16, 2008

bargain shopping

I am fond of bargain shopping. I am the kind of person who doesn't buy anything that is not on sale, except for groceries. If I can get away with a few coupons and I don't forget I use it for groceries too. But anyways, I just love to get stuff on a discount. I guess it is the filipino in me. Why pay a hundred dollars for an item if you can get it for fifty right? Yeah, it is slightly used but hey, all it probably needs is a little wash and some repairs and it will be like new. Well, almost. Hubby decided we go to Goodwill earlier. He knows I like it there mainly for the books and for the shorts (I am getting ready for the summer). When we were there he found a bicycle for I think twenty or forty bucks. It was in good shape too. He took the tag off and carried the bike to the counter and left me and bubby inside the store :) Now, he normally doesn't do that, leave me and his son in a crowded place for some reason but when he saw the bike he just had to have it and was probably afraid somebody else will snatch it up. I found a nice skirt and shorts, a pair of nice sandals for mamsy, and a cute purse. Hubby found a pair of levis for papsy and a funny looking lavender sandals for kids. I really didn't want to get it but he liked it so I paid for it and is now setting in the bag which will be placed on the box we will send to Leyte. I told dada my parents will have a good laugh when they see the sandals and he just laughed. I have to look for the specific brand of lotion and perfume my parents like to put in the box. Time for more bargain hunting ;)

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