Wednesday, January 23, 2008

things you don't know about me

* i love to read. It doesn't matter what type of reading material I have as long as it is readable. I will go crazy if I ran out of books.

* i can multitask. I can read, watch tv and listen to the radio all at the same time. My brother said it is a sign of insanity lol.

* i can hurl insult at somebody without changing the tone of my voice. Better not mess with me then.

* i don't know how to swim. I can float in the water but if I try to use my arms and legs I sink.

* i collect store coupons but seldom use 'em. What can I do if I remember the coupons after checking out?

* i don't eat even if I am starving if I don't feel like it. Another sign of insanity?

* papa's sister called me porangag because of my nose. thus the nick poray

* i am lazy..d ba halata? lol again

* i finished an engineering degree but never got around to getting a license. Kiat man lagi ang agi..

* i stole lastiko from my cousin when we were in grade school. He caught me in the act but I still denied the accusations haha

* i didn't get money for recess until i was in high school and it started at 1 peso. Lisod ning kauban nimo sa school imo amahan.

* the recess money increased by fifty cents each year

* i didn't have my ears pierced until i was in grade school.

* i tried to pull my tooth once but couldn't do it..mura ko mahimatay hahaha

* i love casper. i think everybody does

* i had a huge crush on SLY. who didn't like Rambo?

* i day dreamed about prince william ( yes, lady di's son ) ambisyosa!

* i whipped my brother once for not listening to me. i cried afterwards while he looked at me wondering what on earth was wrong.

* i got into a fist fight with my bro..once lang lisod na makulata mi duha ni papsy

* i thought greece was the ultimate vacation destination when i was a kid. probably because of the stuff i read about the country.

* i gave birth thru C-section. i chickened out..dli kaya sa ako powers ang sakit

* i asked hubby to take pics when the doctors cut me up. he chickened out this time lol

* i don't have a bestfriend. i have lots of close friends but nobody whom i told my deepest darkest secrets yet..that for me is a qualification of a best friend

*i prefer pansit over spaghetti.. bisaya man panglasa ni manang

* i collect old pinoy coins

* i used to pick up left over plastic balloon (kanang sudlanan sa paburot ba? saon dli man hatag ako parenthood ug pangpalit plastic balloon kay makaadik dw wahhh

* i tried to smoke once and didn't like it.

* i only got drunk once. it was so bad that i puked for an hour..luckily, i made it to the i got there is still a big mystery to me

* i love to sleep alone. took a little while to get used to sleep beside hubby

* i tried to sleep on the nude when i was younger. don't worry i was alone in my room with the door locked. nobody knows about this except hubby and now you.

to be son is up and needs his lunch

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