Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a not very fun vacation

The family went to Orlando for spring break. It was not planned. We did not think of going anywhere. We thought we will spend the whole week at home just relaxing until the husband's oldest daughter and her family came to visit and prompted us to go with them to Florida for a few days. The husband refused at first but she was persistent and said she will pay for everything so we went ahead and packed. Why not, huh? She paid for our room then gave us gas money. Pretty good for vacation companions, right? The day of our trip started out good but come night time, the little man started throwing up. He said his tummy felt funny. The husband and I got ready for a sleepless night taking care of a sick child. Do you know what it is like to take care of a child with stomach bug in a motel room? Not fun, at all. He felt better in the morning so at noon we decided to venture out and checked the house that the stepdaughter was buying, in another city in Florida. On our way there, the little man started whining so we stopped to let him get fresh air which was a good move because as soon as he got out of the car he started throwing up again. When he finished he asked for food. He was better after that. At midnight I started feeling queasy and then the cramps, nausea, followed by vomiting and diarrhea followed. It was awful. The husband got sick the same time I did. Then on our way home the little girl got sick and started throwing up while in her carseat. The only good thing that happened was that none of the kids had diarrhea. I am telling you, it was a vacation like no other. The husband and I laugh about it now that we are home but during that ordeal (it was definitely that) we were so miserable. Yes, the vacation was paid for by somebody else but had I known something like that would happen, I would have preferred to stay home. No amount of money would have been enough for me to go anywhere knowing my family will be sick. But, it is over and done with. And, oh, there is one more thing that is a plus on this trip: I got to go back to the Chinatown in Orlando to buy Asian goodies before we went home. Glass half full, right? :D

Thursday, March 6, 2014

anniversary present

The husband did not give me anything for our anniversary. He asked what I wanted days before the event but I told him I did not have a clue what I wanted. He does not surprise me with presents anymore because most of the time I prefer something else from what he gave me. So, we agreed that he asks or that I would just go on ahead and get what I want. It is not very romantic but it is better than being both disappointed because I did not like his present. It has been almost two months since our anniversary and I still have not figured out what I really want. Oh, it is not for lack of trying on my part. Believe me, I have looked everywhere and have asked myself several times but nothing comes up. I have browsed jewelry from this website and that, looked at designer purses, electronics, even food. Somebody is happy because he said at the rate I am going, it will be our anniversary again when I decide what I want then he will only have to pay for one item for two, lol. If nothing else, I can just ask for cash and spend it on clothes. But that will be a last resort. Who knows how hard it could get to actually think of a present for yourself?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

looking forward to warm, sunny days

We had a setback with the cold weather this past week. School was off two days because of a winter storm that caused power outage in the area where the little man's school was located. Ice was everywhere. Our fence got a bit of damage because of a limb that fell off the tree from the neighbor's yard. There were icicles on most everything outside. It was scary just to even think about going outside so we stayed in and prayed that the storm will stop and the roads will clear. It finally happened Thursday evening. We are looking at warm days next week and I am seriously hoping it will stay warm for a long time. I am so ready to get in the backyard and start a garden. I have had enough of being cooped up inside the house.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

warm day, at last!

Today is going to be a warm day. You will not believe how we have been waiting for this day to happen. We are so ready to get outside and enjoy the sun for a change. The last couple of weeks had been horrible. It is so beautiful outside right now that we can actually see (and hope) that Spring is coming. We plan on getting some yard work done today. There are wood (from last Fall) that I need to stack in the backyard to make room for a little garden that I am planning to tend. It will also be the perfect time to let the kids outside to play. They have been cooped up inside the house with us for days because of that winter storm that hit our city. If I feel like it, I might even go to the store to look for a patio table and chairs and some outdoor cushions to go with it. I am so happy to be able to go outside without bundling up or being worried about inhaling cold air. I hope it will stay like this until Spring.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ready for a garden

I am planning to have a garden this year. It will be small, way smaller than what I had last year, but it will have almost the same plants. Beans will be in it. I will not be able to harvest as much beans as pictured below but I am hoping I will have enough for my own consumption.

It will be different, perhaps easier, to tend to a smaller garden. I already have extra pots just in case I will need them for more plants. I know the husband will want certain vegetables in the garden so we will have to compromise. I pray for a good planting season this year so we will have plenty of produce in our kitchen.

Friday, January 24, 2014

warm days, where are you?

The last week had been very cold for us on the east coast. The husband said he has not experienced anything like it in the years he lived in the city we are living right now. It is awfully cold that we stayed in unless we really have something important to do. It does not help that we all are sick with the cold and have been barking like dogs because of these pesky cough that will not go away. The only thing we can do is stay home to keep warm and hope to get better. Anyway, since there is basically nothing else to do at home, I have been on the computer more than I am used to. That is, when the little girl is happy with whatever cartoons she is watching on Netflix. Surprisingly though, I have not browsed through store websites for clothes or anything of the like. I am in fact browsing musical instruments, of all things. I was looking at this cp50 for sale at guitar center and I thought how the little man would like to have this. His portable piano player looks like a toy compared to this one. The price is way too much to buy for a boy his age though so I scratched that idea off my head. Maybe someday he will buy it for himself if he still likes to play the piano. I think pianos are better than drums any day anyway. Other than browsing online for stuff that I do not have any plan on buying, I have been baking as well. This weather might just cause me to go crazy if it will not straighten up because it makes me do things I do not normally do. I cannot wait for the warm days of Spring so we can spend hours at the beach again.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

a little lesson

The little man has been bugging us to buy him more games for his 3DS. Then he said he needs more games for his Wii. I said no while his father said he will think about it. And if that is not enough, he also told us he would be very happy if we buy him a headphone, a monster beats by dre, no less! I do not know where he got the idea that he can just keep on asking for material things and expect his parents to provide for whatever he demands from us. I have had talks with him and every time we did, he seemed to understand but then he watches a commercial on television and he does it again. I guess I will just have to keep on reminding him so it will get through to his head and the idea stays there. Of course, it does not help when daddy is so easy to be swayed to his way of thinking. Even with the odds against me, I will try to persevere. I do not want my kids to get spoiled. I want them to value things as they get them so if I have to, I will make them work for things they want. I just hope that the lesson will not get lost on them.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

my favorite canned goods

These are my expensive vices. I say it is a vice because when the notion hit me, I have to have these right away regardless of how much it costs or who gets aggravated having to find these stuff for me. Especially the Fiesta beef loaf which is only marketed in the Visayas and southern Philippine regions. When I get my hands on these goodies I make them last as long as I could to compensate for the expense and trouble my family has to go to so I can have what I want. The husband said I am a spoiled brat and I guess I am, lol. I normally fry the beef loaf but only after slicing, then dipping the slices in beaten eggs. The result is so delicious. At least to me. The husband will not even attempt to eat it. As for the corned beef, it is easy to fix this one. I just dump the contents in a pot, wait for it to simmer then turn the heat off. It should be ready to eat with rice. There are elaborate ways to fix these canned goods but I prefer them simple because that is how I remember them fixed while I was growing up.