Monday, July 10, 2017

no summer trip

This month would have been the month we go somewhere for a little getaway. But we have decided to stay home, mostly to save some money. We do have things we need to spend money on and trips, as much as I love them, costs a lot of money. This is the first summer in a while that we stayed home. When the husband laments about not being able to go somewhere, I remind him that we live in a tourist destination. While he is complaining about not being able to go on a trip, some people are saving money so they could come visit our city. This normally pacifies him because we used to be those people. Now that we live here we can actually discover new things or even just drive around the boulevard to watch tourist go about their day and it is enough. The kids, who remember going on vacation during the summer, asked when and where we were going this year and were a bit disappointed when told we are not going on a trip. I was made to promise that we will go somewhere "wonderful" this Christmas. I do hope we could. The little girl wants to go to Disney again. It will be nice to be able to go on a family vacation this Christmas.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

coconut grater/scraper


For the longest time, I have wanted to own a coconut grater just like in the picture. The problem was that it costs a lot of money to buy this kind at the Asian store. I did not want to spend a lot of money on it so I waited until I saw just the scraper on one of the stores I went to. You would think that I would have the husband make me a seat for it right away but no, I waited a couple more years before doing that. Lol! We finally got it done a few weeks ago and I am very happy with the result. We used ends of pieces of lumber for the body and legs, a few screws and voila, a nice looking coconut grater/scraper! I still have to use it but it will get used and soon, once I figure out what to cook, that is. :D 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The little man has been recording sound effects in his computer when he gets the chance. He has used the different sound effects on his keyboard and is now looking for other instruments to use. He asked for his recorder last night and used that the whole time. He then wanted to know where his tambourine was and his old kiddie drums. It gets loud sometimes but I let it be because I do not want to curtail his creativity. If he could only see the musical instruments like dw drums at he probably will pester me into buying him one even if he knows I will not get it. He definitely has different things he likes to do and it may not seem normal to others but I have gotten used to his antics. As long as he does not do anything bad I will just let him do what he wants. Maybe it will be useful one day.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jollibee Jacksonville is opening soon!

In a little over a week, the new Jollibee five hours south of us will open. I already told the husband I want to go and he said we will plan it when the kids have a few days break from school. Yay! It is a long drive but since it is in Florida it will be pleasant. We love Florida and we find every excuse to go there. Well, here is the perfect excuse, visiting the bee! I will make sure not to schedule our trip on the opening weekend because I am sure it will be chaos what with fellow pinoys like me wanting a taste of home. Perhaps this spring break. I am beyond excited! Photo on the left was of Jollibee in Virginia, Beach.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

a spanking new guitar!

The little girl received a guitar for Christmas. She kept on playing with her brother's guitar so we Santa decided to giver her a guitar for being a good girl for most of the year. And it is pink! Her favorite color, of course. I had to look hard and long for that guitar because we wanted something that will last abuses and mishandling. Let's face it, she is a kid and kids have this tendency to tear things up without thought for its value. We wanted to buy something that is durable but at the same time affordable. We were lucky to have found just that. There were a lot of options at guitar center music stores but we got her guitar closer to home. She loves it! We were glad about our choice. She plays with her guitar while watching Taylor Swift on Youtube and it is just so cute! Maybe we will have a musician in the family after all.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

little performer

Pretty much like her brother at her age, the little girl is into music and musical instruments. She loves to "perform" in our living room. She plays a guitar while daddy holds a flashlight for spotlight, her brother plays the drum, while I am the audience. Nobody can give as convincing an adulation as a mother, you know? Lol! If she can, she would do it on a daily basis but her backups sometimes hide when they know she is going to put up a performance. Daddy wanted to buy her a keyboard for her Christmas present but I said no because one keyboard in the house is enough. Besides, if she really wants to she could use the little man's keyboard. But she is into guitar at the moment. I teased the husband to save for a musicians friend mpk, just in case she will not stay in the "wanting to play musical instrument phase". He said he will worry about it when it happens which I think is smart because per experience, this phase will soon be outgrown.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

home for Christmas

We should have been in Florida today. Or maybe Virginia Beach. We have talked about it. Weighed our options and planned about it. In the end, we are home. We cannot go anywhere. The husband is sick. The little girl is sick. Now I am afraid that the little man might be sick as well. This Christmas should have been spent on a holiday somewhere away from home. But it is not meant to be. So, here we are. I am not even sure if I will cook. I have ingredients for a sweet salad. We do have turkey and ham, uncooked. We still have to figure out whether or not to celebrate with food. I just hope that my people are gonna get better and soon. It's just not right to be sick on a holiday as special as Christmas. On the up side, the kids have presents under the tree, to be opened on Christmas day. We will try to be merry and hope that everybody gets better so we will not celebrate the coming new year with ill health.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

we got a new tree

Today, the husband and I bought a new Christmas tree. We have had one for years and although it is still in good shape, it is just too big and bulky to decorate anymore. I wanted a smaller tree. The husband wanted a real tree. We ended up buying a plastic 5 foot tree that was not just small but cheap as well. I know this will be our tree from now on. It was so easy to decorate. We did it in mere minutes. We did not plan on having a tree this year but the little girl wanted a tree and she has been so excited about Christmas we did not want her to get disappointed. And the effort and expense was worth it. Her face lit up when she saw the little tree in our living room. She thanked daddy and gave me a hug for getting the tree. They are in the living room right now admiring it. Have we had music and friends over, it would really feel like Christmas. We are glad that she is happy. At least we have one child who gets excited over the holidays. The little man, ever practical and smart, does not believe in Santa anymore. Until he gets what he wants from "Santa". :D