Monday, September 5, 2016

he wants to join the archery team

The little man wants to join the archery team at school. He got so excited with his high scores during a tryout that he wants us to buy him an archery set which costs "only $200" according to him. I do not know where he looked but my goodness, if it is mandatory to buy such an expensive set I may have to make him pass this opportunity up, lol. Seriously though, I hope he makes it. But, I also hope there is a cheap set we can find. A few years ago, I was seriously thinking he might be into music making and that he will be asking us to buy him things like the sony acid pro and similar stuff. How things have changed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

we did it!

 A view from Manhattan Beach Pier

For years, the husband has talked about wanting to visit his birthplace, Manhattan Beach. For years it stayed a a dream. It is just too expensive to travel to California with four people. There were airfare, lodging, food and miscellaneous expenses to budget. But something came through for us that made that dream a reality. So by end of summer last year we flew to LA to spend a few days there, not really knowing what to expect. This is something I have not been in my life. The husband might have been born in California but he has only been there once after his parents moved. Once! You can only imagine the excitement we all felt. Even the kids got excited just by watching us. Lol! The place did not disappoint, not for us. It was beautiful. It was fascinating. The people were fascinating. The view was marvelous. The houses were unreal, price-wise, that is. The Strand was delightful. We have not even left and we wanted to go back already. We talked about our trip for weeks after it happened. We still do now, with happiness and hope that it will happen again. Heck, if we only have the money we would like to move there, right now! Maybe one of these days. :D

Saturday, July 23, 2016

big dreams

The little man is currently working on a game. When I say working, I mean trying to build a program to make his own game. I know it is a lot to take in. Believe me, I already told him it is impossible. If I sound pessimistic it is because he does not even have a computer with large memory or operating system that supports what he is doing. But, he is doing it nonetheless. I do admire this kid's perseverance. He has asked a couple of times if we could buy him a newer and nicer computer with better specs but we told him to hold off on that. It will happen, of course. He wants an Apple computer though so I may have to save to get him what he wants, at the right time. I know it will not be long and he will be asking for a raven mti or some such equipment he can use to make games, or post quality videos online. As long as school is still a priority, we do not have any problem letting him do what he wants. Provided it does not cost us much and it does not take time away from his studies.

Friday, May 1, 2015

a short trip up the east coast

Back in January, we went to Virginia Beach for a short vacation. We did not get to go anywhere on Christmas so we decided to go somewhere the first chance we get after the holidays. It was still cold but we were lucky that it was sunny all the time we were there. The good thing about going off season is that the motel rates are cheaper and there rarely are tourist which makes for a good time to enjoy the area. Virginia Beach and the cold weather is not our normal destination for vacations but we went there anyway because I have been wanting to go to Jollibee, a fast-food which started in the Philippines. They serve the same food, cooked the same way, in their branches here. The husband has promised to bring me to one years ago and early this year he made good on that promise. It was an enjoyable vacation. The little man who was hesitant about the trip said that Virginia Beach is now his favorite vacation destination. He loves it there. He was even sad that we had to go home on the third day. We told him we will go back. What we did not tell him is that we do not know when. I do hope it will be soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

sprucing up the yard

We went to visit the husband's oldest daughter today. She bought a house close to us and we occasionally drop by to visit her and let the kids play with her kids. They are almost of the same age that they can get along for long periods of time without aggravating each other, lol. She was working on the yard, saying she wanted one side of the backyard paved with white rocks while the other side will be done with patio stones. We then discussed the merit of grass over paved yard where we both agreed that paved yard is better because it is less messy and should cost less on maintenance as well. I suggested she buy a patio set when she is finished with her project because she has plenty of room for it. She can actually have two of those patio sets in her backyard and still have plenty of room to spare. That is how big her backyard is! She said she will definitely buy a set but will think about buying another set because she might just buy something else entirely to put in her yard. Did I mention she has a pool? That was where most of the kids were on today's visit which limits the babysitting to just one area of the house. It was nice. It made me almost wish for a bigger yard but then I know that it will not be paved like hers because the husband and I would probably till the whole area for a garden. Different priorities, I know. Anyway, what are your plans to spruce up your yard this season? Do you need to redecorate your patio? Here's some popular teak at Home and Patio D├ęcor Center! This might help you with ideas on what to do with your own yard. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

spring break

The husband wanted for us to spend spring break away from home this year but it seems like it is not happening. It is ironic, really. We have the money to go somewhere but we can't because of other reasons. Whenever we planned on going somewhere, money was always the reason why we could not go. Now that we have saved up enough to go on vacation, we can't because the car we always use on trips is not conditioned enough that the mechanic in him is afraid to drive it away from home for days. So, we might just stay home and perhaps work on the back yard. Am I disappointed? No. In fact, I am relieved. Although you might have to keep that secret for me because he is disappointed. Fortunately, he could not blame me for this so I am off the hook. Lol!
In as much as I love to travel and I enjoy every trip we make as family, I did not see any reason to go somewhere else this spring break. What for? We live on the beach, more or less two miles away from it that when the wind is blowing on the right direction we can smell salt air while sitting in the backyard. It had been a mild winter so even if there were cold days, it was offset by milder days where we get to actually enjoy being out of the house in the middle of winter. No cabin fever here which was a nice change from a couple of years ago. It is really nice, to be living in the coast. He does agree to it. As for wanting a getaway, I told him if he really wants to go on a trip, we can always go to D.C. so I can process mine and the kids dual citizenship at the embassy. Now, that will be a trip worth planning for!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

missing pictures

I don't know what happened but some of the photos on my posts are not showing up. It is only the recent uploads that are not showing either. I have not been on my blogs for a while because my hands are kept full by my kids and school. I went ahead and just deleted the photos that are showing blank so nobody will have to stare and wonder what is up (or down). I hope to be able to figure out what is going on when I get the chance to tinker with my blogs one of these days.

Friday, September 19, 2014

never too late

When I graduated from college twelve years ago, I did not buy a college class ring. It was mostly because of financial reason and I have regretted not doing it. I could have saved enough from my allowance to make sure I purchase one because it would have been a remembrance of my finishing a degree. I have often wondered if I could buy one right now and how much it would cost. I have looked at class rings online a few times but I cannot decide what to do. I will give it a little more time to figure out what to do. If I can find a ring that I like within my budget I will probably get one in the future.