Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jollibee Jacksonville is opening soon!

In a little over a week, the new Jollibee five hours south of us will open. I already told the husband I want to go and he said we will plan it when the kids have a few days break from school. Yay! It is a long drive but since it is in Florida it is will be pleasant. We love Florida and we find every excuse to go there. Well, here is the perfect excuse, visiting the bee! I will make sure not to schedule our trip on the opening weekend because I am sure it will be chaos what with fellow pinoys like me wanting a taste of home. Perhaps this spring break. I am beyond excited! Photo on the left was of Jollibee in Virginia, Beach.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

a spanking new guitar!

The little girl received a guitar for Christmas. She kept on playing with her brother's guitar so we Santa decided to giver her a guitar for being a good girl for most of the year. And it is pink! Her favorite color, of course. I had to look hard and long for that guitar because we wanted something that will last abuses and mishandling. Let's face it, she is a kid and kids have this tendency to tear things up without thought for its value. We wanted to buy something that is durable but at the same time affordable. We were lucky to have found just that. There were a lot of options at guitar center music stores but we got her guitar closer to home. She loves it! We were glad about our choice. She plays with her guitar while watching Taylor Swift on Youtube and it is just so cute! Maybe we will have a musician in the family after all.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

little performer

Pretty much like her brother at her age, the little girl is into music and musical instruments. She loves to "perform" in our living room. She plays a guitar while daddy holds a flashlight for spotlight, her brother plays the drum, while I am the audience. Nobody can give as convincing an adulation as a mother, you know? Lol! If she can, she would do it on a daily basis but her backups sometimes hide when they know she is going to put up a performance. Daddy wanted to buy her a keyboard for her Christmas present but I said no because one keyboard in the house is enough. Besides, if she really wants to she could use the little man's keyboard. But she is into guitar at the moment. I teased the husband to save for a musicians friend mpk, just in case she will not stay in the "wanting to play musical instrument phase". He said he will worry about it when it happens which I think is smart because per experience, this phase will soon be outgrown.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

home for Christmas

We should have been in Florida today. Or maybe Virginia Beach. We have talked about it. Weighed our options and planned about it. In the end, we are home. We cannot go anywhere. The husband is sick. The little girl is sick. Now I am afraid that the little man might be sick as well. This Christmas should have been spent on a holiday somewhere away from home. But it is not meant to be. So, here we are. I am not even sure if I will cook. I have ingredients for a sweet salad. We do have turkey and ham, uncooked. We still have to figure out whether or not to celebrate with food. I just hope that my people are gonna get better and soon. It's just not right to be sick on a holiday as special as Christmas. On the up side, the kids have presents under the tree, to be opened on Christmas day. We will try to be merry and hope that everybody gets better so we will not celebrate the coming new year with ill health.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

we got a new tree

Today, the husband and I bought a new Christmas tree. We have had one for years and although it is still in good shape, it is just too big and bulky to decorate anymore. I wanted a smaller tree. The husband wanted a real tree. We ended up buying a plastic 5 foot tree that was not just small but cheap as well. I know this will be our tree from now on. It was so easy to decorate. We did it in mere minutes. We did not plan on having a tree this year but the little girl wanted a tree and she has been so excited about Christmas we did not want her to get disappointed. And the effort and expense was worth it. Her face lit up when she saw the little tree in our living room. She thanked daddy and gave me a hug for getting the tree. They are in the living room right now admiring it. Have we had music and friends over, it would really feel like Christmas. We are glad that she is happy. At least we have one child who gets excited over the holidays. The little man, ever practical and smart, does not believe in Santa anymore. Until he gets what he wants from "Santa". :D

Friday, November 18, 2016

something to be thankful for

This month has been cold. We do have our warm days but then cold days follow right away. It is not what we are used to but there is really nothing one can do except, maybe, move to Florida where it is warm almost year round on some areas. Since we can't (yet), we adjust. I have been using my winter coat one day then sleeveless top the next. Crazy! The good thing is that none of us is sick. The picture above is one of those good, warm days. We try to get out and enjoy those days. We hope to have a warm Christmas while the little girl is singing about white Christmas, lol. Whatever kind of weather, we are grateful because we are alive and we are together.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

school is canceled

The kids have been home for almost a week now because of the hurricane. Or the aftermath. Houses are damaged here in the east coast. Some areas still have water and others do not have power. It is a mess. Our house was spared and for that we are very grateful. We had a bit of cleaning up to do because of broken limbs from the neighbor's tree that landed on our backyard but that was all. Schools were canceled the middle of the week last week and it is still canceled up to tomorrow. The rest of this week is still unknown, pending announcement from the district. We were lucky that our internet was up and running the day we returned home so the kids have been pretty occupied. The little girl was upset about the storm but she got over it after we explained to her how storms work and why. Of course it helped that she was around her nephews and niece because they all got busy playing while the adults worry about the storm. They did not play with brasswinds and woodwinds but the online games were a blessing. The storm passed with the kids barely noticing. There was a bit of discomfort when power went out but the temperature was cool enough we were able to sleep with windows open. It was an experience for sure and we are glad that we are alive to tell the tale. It sucks to go through a hurricane but we cannot stop nature, we can only try to stay safe.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

hurricane matthew

By now, everybody who has access to television and social media has heard about hurricane Matthew and the devastation it caused the east coast. It was an experience for sure. I grew up in a country that gets hit with typhoons several times a year and I thought it will just be another "one of those". I thought wrong.
The day before our area got hit, I had a luggage packed for the whole family with provisions that was good for a few days. I have learned to pack from years of experience with storms and having kids. Yes, when you have kids like mine you learn to pack light without skimping on the necessities. Anyway, the governor did not order a mandatory evacuation. She urged residents to voluntarily evacuate for their safety. Our zone was not included on the list of areas that was urged to evacuate but we still moved to a bigger house in a better neighborhood since ours is prone to flooding. The husband and his son-in-law visited our house twice on the 8th (Saturday), in the morning and after lunch. Everything was fine in the morning but when he came back after lunch he said the place was flooded. The streets was nothing but water and that some houses had water up to their front door. The wind was bad, it felt like it was swirling. He had to turn around quick because he was afraid he was going to get stuck on the road if a tree falls. There were, in fact, a bunch of trees down either uprooted or broken at the trunk.
The good thing about a big house is that no matter what was happening outside, we hardly heard any noise. Sure, we heard the wind from time to time and we know it was raining but in a way the house provided security which we knew our house would not have.
The one thing that was bad was the media. We were watching "live" broadcast and I am telling you, it was horrible to watch. They make it sound like it was so bad (which it was in some areas) that friends and relatives sent me messages asking about us and praying for our safety. I did not mind those, to be honest. I was happy that somebody else somewhere was praying for us but it worried our loved ones. We were so grateful when it finally passed. We could not wait to go home to check our house and the neighborhood. We went home on Sunday to find our house dry and the yard full of debris. The fence were in good shape and the power out. Power was back on about thirty minutes after we got in and the internet started working again like nothing has happened. We were lucky and for that we are grateful. We pray for the ones that are badly affected by the storm and we hope that people will recover from this quick. Let us all hope that that was the first and last hurricane for this year.